IJMBE means Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination Board,

This post is to tell you the details about IJMB Alevel (courtesy www.EducoreNigeria.com )


IJMBE program has been in extensive for a long time even before the most written exam as today comes in, which is JAMB. It is good to know that IJMBE has given millions of people another way of gaining admission and this is the whole importance of IJMBE. When many people asked if
people asked if gaining admission into the university of choice in Nigeria is possible without JAMB. We find the question unbelievable that many people are still asking the question even today. Yes, it is possible to gain admission into your institution of choice without JAMB and that is through IJMBE or any other A’ level programs.

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Have you attempted JAMB several times? or are you looking for the sure alternative to help you gain admission into university in Nigeria? You have now worry. IJMBE is the right answer for you. With IJMBE, you can gain admission into 200 level of any university in Nigeria without written JAMB UTME or having to wait for post utme. IJMBE is the sure alternative with the best option for admission seekers in Nigeria.

WHAT IS IJMBE?: It is of the acronym Interim Joint Matriculation Board, It is an Approved, Proven & Certified Advanced level programme moderated by Ahmadu Bello University and having coordinating body in various tertiary institutions and different study centres nationwide. The IJMB programme is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for candidates who cannot gain admission to regular degree programmes in Nigerian Universities for one reason or the other, as the programme only requires candidates O’level results, Also awaiting result candidate can Enroll.
  • IJMB is Approved: By the Federal Government has a platform for securing admission into higher institution in the country and abroad. 
  • IJMB is Proven: Yearly, about 20,000 applicants put in for the programme in which more than 70% fraction successfully secure admission with it into 200 level to their preferred institution & course.
  • IJMB is Certified: By Nigeria University Commission (NUC) has an Advanced level examination that qualify students into 200level via Direct Entry. 
HOW IJMB WORKS: Prospective IJMBE candidates are required to select any THREE (3) A/L IJMBE Subject Combination identified with their preferred course of study in the university be it Science, Art or Social Science Course.
Candidates would then be lectured for the stipulated period at their respective Study Centre and thereafter sit for the final examination. On completion of the programme, successful candidates accordingly utilize their IJMBE certificate to secure admission into 200level in any Nigeria tertiary institution via Direct Entry.
IJMBE LEGIBILITY: IJMBE certificate is presently recognised and accepted in over 80% of Nigeria federal, state and private Universities. Thus, prospective candidates can check (item 2.2) of JAMB BROCHURE to confirm IJMBE legibility.
 PROGRAMME DURATION: IJMBE A’level programme runs for a maximum period of one academic session(9-10month) divided in two(2) semesters.
PROGRAMME ELIGIBILITY: The programme is open to all interested candidates nationwide and any course can be offered be it Science, Art or Social Science. Who can apply for IJMB?
Educore Nigeria has commenced the application procedure for IJMB admission into our partnered IJMB study centres in Nigeria. The ongoing IJMB registration is for the 2017 academic session for interested and qualified IJMB candidates all over Nigeria. The IJMB regitration for the year cost N5,000. Please do not pay any individual for your IJMB form rather read full IJMB registration instruction HERE.
You can do you IJMB by yourself if you have a comuter that is connected to the internet, a tablet or widescreen smartphone, if you do not have any of the gadget above, please visit any cybercafe around you to fill and print your IJMB form.

About IJMB

Interim Joint Matriculation Board, that is the full meaning of IJMBE. Is a programme that is being moderated and supervised by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU,Zaria). Is a 9 to 10 month course for advanced students (those who have finished their secondary school certificate) from Nigeria to be able to be admitted into second year at the university. With IJMBE, candidates can apply and study any course with the programme

The IJMB Registration Service.

EducoreNigeria.com offers exclusive IJMB registration services to prospective IJMB candidates and we also provide basic supports to current and past IJMB students.
This page is to educate you thoroughly on the IJMBE programme. How IJMBE works, the closing dates for IJMB registration ( Please note that the 2017 IJMBE registration is still ongion. Kindly apply here ).
We ensure that prospective IJMBE candidates are duly registered for the IJMB programme in our accredited partnering IJMB centres nationwide where they have access to quality IJMB lectures, IJMB hostel accommodation and make good grades in the IJMB programme.

How To Get IJMBE Form

Getting IJMB form is easier than getting UTME form, we earlier discussed how to obtain IJMB form. But you can get the exclusive details on how to register for IJMB by clicking HERE.
Please do not pay your IJMB form into an individual’s account number to avoid being swindled. The only account detail used for IJMB registration is
Bank: UBA
Account Name: The Eduquore Concepts
Account Number: 1019

The Real Purpose of IJMBE Or Why Do We Have IJMB?

To go straight to the point, the purpose of IJMBE today is to help candidates to easily and legally gain admission into 200 level of any university in Nigeria via direct entry admission. This is designed to remove the disappointment and stress associated with applying for admission through JAMB UTME.

IJMBE Requirements

Before you can make use of your IJMBE results there are basic requirements you are expected to meet. The primary requirement of anyone planning to attend or register for IJMBE programme is to have his Ordinary  level result with nothing less than 5 credits including English language and Mathematics s no university in Nigeria will accept anyone without having good grades in these two subjects.
IJMB also allows candidates who are expecting/awaiting their ordinary level result to apply for the programme, however, such candidates are expected to have their results available before they can proceed for 200 admission in any university.

Who Can Attend IJMBE Programme?

Who is eligible for IJMB?

IJMB programme is for anyone who desire to get admission into Nigerian university. After IJMB admission requirements are met, anyone can apply for the programme. Some university students do apply for IJMB inorder to change their courses to a better one after being offered courses they don’t like by JAMB . IJMB is not as hard as people used to think it was. In our IJMB centres, we have nothing less than 85% success story of IJMBE .

How To Make Use Of Your IJMBE Result

To use your IJMBE result to gain admission into 200 Level, you need to visit JAMB website or their nearest office to obtain D.E form (Direct Entry), fill them in correlation with your IJMBE result, by then you have the opportunity to choose first and second choice university. Another interest thing is, you have the opportunity of choosing your course which will be determined by how many points you were able to obtain from the IJMBE exam from your IJMBE result.

IJMBE Year To Year Academic Calendar

IJMBE calendar starts by November every year and it ends by April for the registration of the following year. By March, while the registration is still going on, the lectures for the session will start, which is usually within the mid of March and early April. The lectures will run through to December from that March/ April. For January the revision for the session will start. IJMBE examination often start around the first week of  February, and the examination last for three weeks. By late April the same year the result will be released.

IJMBE Syllabus To Help Students To Study Ahead (PDF)

IJMB syllabus is made available in downloadable pdf files. This is exclusive to candidates who register their IJMB with us. We also include IJMB free past questions.
If you have registered for your IJMBE on our official IJMB website ( EducoreNigeria.com ) please login to your portal and print your IJMB syllabus, IJMB ast questions others.

IJMBE Textbooks  / IJMBE Study Materials

IJMBE study materials are also available for some departments for free in our IJMBE centre. Other IJMB study textbooks and materials not provided online are available for pickup at the IJMB cenntre. This is exclusive to our candidates

How Lectures Is Being Organized In Our Various IJMBE Centres

In the absent of fixed lectures or excluding night classes (fixed classes by lecturers when the examination coming nearer) the lectures runs from Monday till Friday, and by Saturday, Practical for Faculty of Sciences

Nigerian Universities Requirements For IJMBE Admission

IJMBE Official Website

EducoreNigeria.com is the official IJMBE registration website of the Eduquore Concepts. Please beware of fake websites calling themselves IJMB official websites. IJMB from the moderating board does not have any official website for the IJMB programme online. We are the only approved IJMB registration website by the Eduquore Concepts to carry out IJMBE registration. We do not endorse any website apart from EducoreNigeria.com for the IJMB registration. Any activities conducted with other website is invalid to us and we shall not be responsible for any victimization or fraud conducted by any IJMB impostors.

How To Apply For IJMBE Programme

1 Online
(You can pay  the application fee securely online via your valid debit or credit Visa, Master or Verve card (ATM Cards.)

All payments are secured an monitored by InterSwitch Nigeria.

Apply for IJMB
                                                                            Click Here To Apply With Your ATM Card

                   2.  Direct Bank Deposit Or Transfer.
You can make your payment (N5,000) via direct deposit into  The Eduquore Concepts Account. (Only in UBA)

Bank: United Bank For Africa (UBA)

Account Name: The Eduquore Concepts  

Account Number: 1019405255

Upon successful payment of your IJMB application fee, kindly send your teller number or transaction id/code to  08166616847  or email: registrar@educorenigeria.com
You will receive a one time access code/password to access and fill the application form online.

(Already paid for IJMB form? Click Here To Fill your IJMB form online)
For any difficulty encountered while filling form please call 0708-234-9835 or 08166616847  or mail registrar@educorenigeria.com

Ensure you click on the ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’ button after filling your form in order to get your form submitted and processed. You will be contacted immediately your application form is submitted and your portlet shall be opened for you to update and access. Do not submit the same application form more than once to avoid application processing error.

IJMBE Available Study Centre

IJMB Centers in Nigeria
IJMB centre in Abuja
IJMB centre in Lagos
IJMB centre in Akwa Ibom
IJMB centre in Delta
IJMB centre in Enugu
IJMB centre in Portharcourt
IJMB centre in Benin
IJMB centre in Ondo
IJMB centre in Ibadan
IJMB centre in Ilorin
IJMB centre in Niger
IJMB centre in Imo
IJMB centre in Ogun
IJMB centre in Kogi
IJMB centre in Ekiti
IJMB centre in Kaduna

POLICY/WARNINGS: Please be duly informed that there are persons, groups and divers organizations acclaimed to register applicants for IJMB and other A’level programmes, many of them are proven to be impostors and scammers who take chances on desperate admission seekers(However, there are other real establishment that help in applicant’s registration.) At Educore Nigeria, our activities are moderated by The Eduquore Concepts to provide diligent and legitimate services to the populace.
You have the right to effective service, if you are not satisfied with any of our the services offered by EducoreNigeria please feel free to relay it to ( complaints@educorenigeria.com)
To report any IJMB scam and frauds by other IJMB centers or self acclaimed agents please send your complaints to

( admin@educorenigeria.com )



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