IJMB Registration Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes People Make During IJMB Registration.

IJMB registration for 2019 / 2020 is ongoing and EducoreNigeria.com wants to use this medium to advise all prospective IJMB candidates on how to avoid common IJMB errors.

The major IJMB registration mistakes are often committed by candidates registering online.

ijmb mistakes made by candidates
ijmb mistakes made by candidates
  1. Doing IJMB registration on Smartphone: The common mistakes many made during IJMB registration is doing the IJMB registration online. Candidates who wants to apply for IJMB should know that no matter how smart their phones are, if not properly connected to a printer or recommended browsers will never be successful with the IJMB registration. Thus all prospective IJMB candidates are advised to use a computer ( Laptop or desktop ) only for their IJMB registration.
  2. Using unsupported or outdated browser: Another error people make while registering for IJMB is that some use unsupported browsers like Operamini or even outdated internet explorer. Candidates are strongly advised to desist from using such. The recommended browsers for IJMB registration is Google chrome and Mozilla firefox.
  3. Using an email that is not active functional or that can’t be accessed by the candidates is also a major problem faced during IJMB registration. Candidates who wants to register for IJMB programme must ensure he or she has a valid email address as this will be used for future communication upon acceptance into the IJMB programme. Candidates documents are also forwarded to this email thus it might be difficult or impossible for candidates who used invalid email during registration to get contacted.
  4. Calling another number for inquiry: Many prospective IJMB candidates have fallen into wrong hands for calling another phone number apart from our dedicated IJMB phone number ( 08166616847 ). Our IJMB dedicated phone number is 08166616847. Please do not call any other number aside this to avoid falling into wrong hands.
  5. Paying into wrong account or to fraudsters: This is the most pitiful of all IJMB errors committed by prospective IJMB candidates. Many unknowing IJMB candidates have been victims of internet fraudsters and impostors who claim to be IJMB registration websites etc. While we have been able to take up legal charges against few of this, it is however sad that many keep springing up. Thus we strong advice all prospective IJMB candidates, parents and the entire members if the public to only pay their IJMB registration fee using our official IJMB account below.

 Bank NAME – UBA

Account Name:  The Eduquore Concepts

Account Number: 1019405255


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