IJMB Timetable: IJMB Examination Time Table 2018 / 2019 session

IJMB Examination Timetable 2019 session.

IJMB exam Timetable
ijmb timetable

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All details can be seen below.

IJMB Timetable is the official schedule of the conduct of IJMB final exams. The IJMB timetable is out at last. The 2018/ 2019 IJMB final exam will start by January  29th 2019 and ends on Tuesday 12th February, 2019.

HOT: 2020 IJMB registration has commenced. Click here to apply

The IJMB timetable officially released this week starts with Biology practical on 29th January 2019.

IJMB 2018/2019 final examination will be conducted by January 2019. All candidates should get ready as the 2018/2019 IJMB exam will be earlier than past ones due to the coming 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

IJMB Syllabus

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The IJMB timetable for 2019 session is yet to be officially released. Once the IJMB timetable is out, all candidates can visit this website to view it. The pdf version of IJMB timetable is also available for download.


The information below this line is for the 2017/2018 ijmb timetable.

Educore Nigeria is pleased to inform all concerned IJMB students that the 2017/18 IJMB Examination timetable has been released.
The annual IJMB examination is here again. After nine months of intensive coachings and preparations. The IJMB Governing Board has released the examination schedule for the 2017/2018 IJMB candidates.

The IJMB exams is scheduled to commence by Tuesday 29th January 2019 and end by 12th February, 2019, Biology and Arabic being the first and last paper respectively.

IJMB EXAM TIMETABLECheck the updated IJMBE Timetable below.

While getting ready for the IJMB exam timetable download, take your time to check out the latest IJMB Past questions and answers. We have clearly selected some IJMB past questions and answers to help you make good grades from the forthcoming IJMB exam.

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IJMB 2018 /2019 EXPO.

If you are looking for IJMB expo, you’d be disappointed. IJMB exam is one of the most secured in Nigeria and the board is too organised and modest to allow any exam question leak. If anyone promises to give you IJMB expo or runs or whatever you call it. PLEASE RUN! There is nothing like that.

If you are yet to be prepared for the exam. Check out the detailed IJMB syllabus and afterward, go through these past questions. We have selected IJMB exam guild on our IJMB past question page, so check it out now.

How to apply for IJMB

It is not too late to get started.

IJMB Alevel is a programme that prepares interested and qualified candidates for direct entry admission into 200 level of any university in Nigeria.

If you are new to IJMB, we strongly recommend you read about the programme here: IJMB PROGRAMME – Meaning, details and benefits.

Interested in IJMB? – How to apply for IJMB


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