Revealed: How to gain admission into 200 level in Nigeria

gain admission  200 level  Nigeria

200 level admission in nigeria
200 level admission in Nigeria


Gain admission into 200 level in any university in Nigeria. Read detailed guidelines below.

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Today, I have finally decided to publish an article on How to gain admission into two hundred level in Nigeria.
We shall be looking at the legal way to secure admission into 200 level of any Nigerian university of your choice with ease. Yea! Lets go!.

One thing that so many Nigerians don’t know concerning UNIVERSITY admission is that it is not until you write JAMB UTME that you can gain admission, there is another approved and popular way to gain admission into any university of your choice in Nigeria without JAMB and that is what I am writing about today.

Going straight to the point, I know most of you might have heard about it before, have people that have gone through it before, but still don’t believe it and for people who have never heard that they can gain admission into university in Nigeria without JAMB, just take your time and read through.

how to gain 200 level admission without jamb
gain 200 level admission without jamb


there are diverse ways of gaining admission into 200 level in any Nigerian university but I will be discussing one of the easiest and best ways with you here today. It is through IJMB.

Yes, one of the ways to gain admission into 200 level of any university in Nigeria  is through IJMB advanced level programme.

What is IJMB?

IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. Just like JAMB, this board established and moderates IJMB advanced level programme. I wont be able to discuss much about IJMB history here, but for everyone who is getting to know about IJMB for the first time, please ( Read details about IJMB HERE).
The IJMB programme is a 9-month advanced level programme that allows every qualified candidate to gain admission to study their desired course in any Nigerian university of his/her choice. IJMB is certified by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC)  as an advanced level programme for Direct Entry (DE) admission into any university in Nigeria and this makes the IJMBE acceptable in both Federal, State and Private universities in Nigeria.

Here is it. See..

How IJMB Works: How To Gain 200 Level Admission Into Any University Via IJMB

If you register for IJMB now, you will be offered automatic admission (Read Do I write entrance examination for IJMB?)  to study for now months in any of our approved IJMB centers closer to you or based on your choice while filling out your IJMB Application form.

Once you have been offered IJMB Admission, you are required to resume within the stipulated period stated on your IJMB admission letter and other IJMB Academic documents in your portal.

Once you resume for your IJMB programme, you are expected to obtain your copy of lecture timetable. IJMB lectures are done Mondays – Fridays ( Tutorials on weekends).

The nine months of studying for IJMBE automatically covers your 100 level in any university as you will be exposed to intensive lectures in accordance to the course you plan to study in the university. For example, someone who wants to study Medicine and Surgery in the university will offer Physic, Chemistry and Biology in IJMB all through the nine months.

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The nine months of studying for IJMB is divided into 2 semesters of 3 months each just like regular university calendar. You will be made to do tests, exams and others to grade your performances at the end of each semester.

Once you are done with the nine month of studying for IJMB, you will than write your IJMB final exam.

The IJMB Exam is based on all the lectures you have been taken all through the nine months of studying and there wont be problem of passing this exam because your attendance in class, moral conduct carries  30% of your IJMB Marks while the  final exam is 70%. so getting 30 over 7o at the final exam will mean that you have 30 + 30( CA marks) which equals 60% of your final exam and with this score, you wont have anything less than a “B” which is a good grade.

Read our comprehensive article on how IJMB exams are marked, graded and scored . The article also educates you on how to prepare for your IJMB final exam. (CLICK HERE)

Once you are done with your IJMB Exams, you will need to wait for about 90-days for your IJMB Certificate to be released ( How to check your IJMB result online)

Once you have your IJMB certificate/result, kindly obtain a copy of Direct Entry form from JAMB and fill appropriately. JAMB DE WEBSITE HERE

JAMB requires that you submit your DE printouts and also photocopies  of your IJMB Certificate, Oleve results and other academic documents for processing.

Once you are done, the next step is to wait for the admission update from the institution you have applied to.

Universities do not conduct entrance exam for DE students anymore, just obtain their admission form and pray for success.

What you should have in mind is that being a direct entry candidate, you have higher chance of gaining admission into the university than JAMBites due to the massive numbers of JAMBites every year.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for IJMB with today and make your academic dream come alive.


At Educore Nigeria, we help interested candidates to obtain and process this form,

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Beware of scammers who pose as IJMB official websites online. IJMB as at now has no official website online.

Be  duly  informed that EDUCORE NIGERIA is not and will not be responsible for any payment not made into THE EDUQUORE CONCEPTS ACCOUNT and registration not done on our website,
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